Cronache pakistane vol.2

(12:10:14) : I am much confusing about snmp configuration..
(12:10:22) : u have provided IOD’s
(12:11:19) : on the other hand we need community infromation to connect cp appliances to SNMP services..
(12:12:06) AndreaC: “public”
(12:12:12) : no from Local
(12:12:15) AndreaC: is the standard commu nity name
(12:12:34) AndreaC: check ///snmpagent.cfg on the backend server
(12:12:37) AndreaC: servers
(12:12:51) : what is this..?
(12:13:09) AndreaC: the community name
(12:13:21) AndreaC: the community name to access snmp services is “public”
(12:13:26) : ok
(12:13:28) AndreaC: it’s a standard setup
(12:13:43) AndreaC: cgheck the configuration files for cp snmp services on the backends
(12:13:47) : this full path should be define in snmp browser..application
(12:13:52) AndreaC: here: ///snmpagent.cfg
(12:14:00) AndreaC: no not the browser
(12:14:08) : so for what???
(12:14:10) AndreaC: on
(12:14:31) AndreaC: the file system on the backend
(12:14:49) : ext3..

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